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Dual Launch Extravaganza


Merlins Rest, August 2, 4:30 PM

Writers Todd Wardrope and Mark Rapacz are joining forces to bring you the latest in Minneapolis pulp fiction. Todd will be celebrating the release of his sci-fi epic ARCADIAN GATES, while Mark will be celebrating the release of his gritty international noir FOREIGNERS (WAEGUK).

Special guest readers include Bram Stoker-nominated writer David Oppegaard and pulp/zine mastermind Evan Kingston.

Beverages and food are available for purchase from the friendly Merlins Rest staff. The readings will start at 4:30 PM. Authors will remain after the reading to sign, chat, and be merry. Merlins Rest’s annual block party will follow the book launch event at 7:00 PM.

Get directions to Merlins Rest here.

David James Keaton’s PIG IRON burning through the Whiskylands now. Go’on git it!

Pig Iron Front Cover-01A town without water …

where men hate their horses …

and guns explode in their hands!!!

The manic genius that is David James Keaton brings you a risible struggle between love and subversion of the western genre, Pig Iron takes place in the town of Aqua Fria after the wells run dry, where townsfolk drink whiskey instead of water, priming their bodies, as well as their situation, for combustion. Myths are exploded, horses are treated with little respect, atheist preachers hurl Bible quotes without irony, and villains and heroes sweat booze as their time runs out. They have only three days before they die of dehydration. Three days to search for illusive treasure, right perceived wrongs, and battle murderous hallucinations. With a glossary of western terminology, real and imagined, this violent yarn is Deadwood meets A Clockwork Orange, with a shot of wry.

Available in all Amazon locales now.