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BLASTGUN Likes Cool Graphics, Cartoons, Nerds, Kindness, Revisiting Past Regrets and Learning New Things


The cool graphics = This short video of science fiction writer (who sometimes gets literary cred) George Saunder’s much-celebrated commencement address last year at Syracuse University.

The cartoon = See above.  Watch it.  It’s short.

Nerds = The subject of Saunder’s regret and the heartbreak most of us writer-types felt throughout the grind of the public school system, especially if you favored Yosemite Sam sweatshirts and sweatpants, needed a headgear and braces, was four foot nothing, and never could find a pair of glasses that properly fit a perfectly round head that was so festooned with dental contraptions.

Kindness = The reason this speech was such a big deal.  It’s the law of supply and demand.  That which is in such short supply is demanded every which way until we get it.  It helps when folks with good brains make these demands.  It helps when they have a microphone.  It helps when they’re telling it to other people with good brains about to do new things.  It helps when it’s shared again and again, injected into the noise of the global chatter happening daily, during every second, and most of which concerns explosions.  This speech is without explosions.  Its absence of explosions as subject matter is the kind way of removing one more explosion from the mass communique.

Revisiting Past Regrets = That which wakes all at 3:00 in the AM drenched in the cold, cold sweats, knowing full well there is little one can do but try to be a better person from here on out.

Learning New Things = Let us celebrate both the amazing Internet ability of BLASTGUN’s owner/operator who somehow embedded the video subject of this post.  Most (or, at least, the owner/operator) thought it impossible.  We should may be also celebrate all the bits about kindness because it’s less celebrated than it should be … which makes no goddamn sense.

Preemptive Review of Dark Eden by Chris Beckett

DARK_EDENThis is the first in what may or may not become a BLASTGUN series of reviews that the OFFICIAL BLASTGUN REVIEWER puts out before he finishes a book.  To maintain the pretense that he reads as quickly as his peers, these reviews need to be preemptive, if only to maintain the ruse that the OFFICIAL BLASTGUN REVIEWER is, like, a seriously, really, super goddamn fast reader who can read everything fast as a lightning bolt riding a cheetah on crack.

Our first book of what will surely be a long, glorious, and much-discussed book review resource in the book blogging world is the Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning novel Dark Eden by Chris Beckett.

The OFFICIAL BLASTGUN REVIEWER is one-hundred and thirty-eight pages in and here’s what he has to say:

“It is awesome.  You should buy it.”

There you have it.  Dark Eden by Chris Beckett is BLASTGUN-approved.

High praise.  Mayhaps the highest.  Chris (BLASTGUN is already on a first-name basis) could probably take that little “award-winning” blurb off the cover now.