‘Pulp Curios’ Will Be The Next President

The Pulp Curios Collection will be sold on Etsy and cost something like 15 bucks or less or as cheap as I can make it after I figure out how Etsy works.  It will be a limited release and will include the following:

  1. Buffalo Bill_FINAL_Facebook CoverBuffalo Bill in the Gallery of the Machines
    Description: Buffalo Bill drinks whisky as the star of his Wild West show, Boneshriek, threatens to leave to help out Edison with one of his diabolical experiments.  It’s written and designed in the style of the original dime novels.
    Numbers sold after four years: Not counting the free Kindle version, I’m at about 11.
    Retail Price: $5.99
  2. Alcatraz Cover_Draft 1-01Les Toilettes d’ Alcatraz
    Description: An amateur photographer named Mark Rapacz tours Alcatraz, takes a bunch of photos with his crappy smart phone, and then leaves an entirely changed man.  Through the lens of Instagram filters, he descends into what he calls the “Maniacal Oblivion” and documents his journey in photo, photo caption, poem, story, conjecture, and essay–primarily using toilets as his subject matter.
    Numbers sold after a year and half: 2, though I gave away about 20 as Christmas presents in 2014. My mom traded me a beer for a couple copies at a reading back in December.
    Retail Price: $9.99
  3. TongueCut Cover_Draft 5_FRONTCOVERTongue-Cut Ninja
    Description: Told in a series of vignettes and from a number of points-of-view, Tongue-Cut Ninja is the tale of two boys as they train to be ninja in imperialist Japan. There is deception, love, a talking rodent, a blade through a mouth, a killer sister, an evil mage, an honorable master, a fable, and a shit-ton of KA-POW.
    Numbers sold after three years: Technically zero for reasons not worth getting into.
    Retail Price: $7.99
  4. A teaser sheet of my choosing.  You will either get the stars or the stuffed space dog in a glass cube (see above).  I like them both for the exact same reason.
    Retail Price: $1.99 … I’m as surprised as you at the astronomical cost of a flyer.
  5. An original drawing from the author himself who has not only created the only three masterpieces of the pulp curio movement, but is an accomplished artist as evidenced below.
    Retail Price: Somewhere in the ballpark of a gajillion dollars.