David James Keaton’s Pig Iron Out Now

Pig Iron Front Cover-01

A town without water …

where men hate their horses …

and guns explode in their hands!!!

The manic genius that is David James Keaton brings you a risible struggle between love and subversion of the western genre, Pig Iron takes place in the town of Aqua Fria after the wells run dry, where townsfolk drink whiskey instead of water, priming their bodies, as well as their situation, for combustion. Myths are exploded, horses are treated with little respect, atheist preachers hurl Bible quotes without irony, and villains and heroes sweat booze as their time runs out. They have only three days before they die of dehydration. Three days to search for illusive treasure, right perceived wrongs, and battle murderous hallucinations. With a glossary of western terminology, real and imagined, this violent yarn is Deadwood meets A Clockwork Orange, with a shot of wry.

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A note from the man himself, David James Keaton:

Pig Iron is almost here! And, besides my dad, and the horses I’ve misjudged throughout my life (particularly at my undergraduate Western Horsemanship class at BGSU), I would like to thank my favorite westerns, or any movie that deep down inside wanted to be a western, but especially westerns with spaghetti sauce all over ’em, including Per Un Pugno Di Dollari (a.k.a. A Fistful of Dollars), Per Qualche Dollaro In Più (a.k.a. For a Few Dollars More), Il Buono, il Brutto, il Cattivo, (a.k.a. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Giù la Testa, (a.k.a. A Fistful of Dynamite, a.k.a. Duck, You Sucker, a.k.a. Once Upon A Time: The Revolution, McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Yojimbo, Last Man Standing, The Quick and the Dead, Unforgiven, Dead Man, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Deadwood, Ride the High Country, The Wild Bunch, The Ballad of Cable Hogue, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, Appaloosa, Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia, The Mission, Tombstone, Utu, Undead, (or anything else with a four-barreled shotgun),  The Outlaw Jose Wales, Duel in the Sun, Major Dundee, Ravenous (now that’s how you introduce a hero), Django, Django, Kill!  (If You Live, Shoot!) (a.k.a. Oro Hondo, a.k.a. Se Sei Vivo, Spara), Django Unchained, most of the Djangos really, The Way of the Gun, Westworld, Wild Bill, The Proposition, Lawless (and anything else Nick Cave writes in the future), Heaven’s Gate, half the Zulu movies, Extreme Prejudice, C’era uno Volta il West, (a.k.a. Once Upon A Time In The West), C’era uno Volta il Amerigo (a.k.a. Once Upon A Time In America, Once Upon a Time in Mexico (a.k.a. Everybody Hates That Movie, but fuck it, he shoots the cook, and you need a trilogy to restore balance), Le Dernier Combat (a.k.a. The Last Battle), The Searchers, Kung Fu Hustle (a.k.a. King Fusion, such a western), I Quattro dell’apocalisse (a.k.a. Four of the Apocalypse, Geronimo, Open Range (for the candy-bar scene alone), Six-String Samurai, Giant, High Noon, Outland, The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, Jonah Hex, Black Robe, The Long Riders, Mannaja (a.k.a. A Man Called Blade), El Mariachi, Desperado, The Rundown, One Eyed Jacks, Pale Rider, Run Man Run (a.k.a. Corri uomo corri, a.k.a. Big Gundown 2), Sukiyaki Western Django, 3:10 to Yuma (both versions), Junior Bonner, True Grit (both versions), Quigley Down Under (not both versions, just the one with Magnum P.I.), and all three Young Guns films (I’m being optimistic).