BLASTGUN’S DEBUT: Arcadian Gates by T. A. Wardrope

ToddCoverFile_FNL_R5_25bkgd_BG Draft 1_FrontCover

It is a distinct honor and a sincere privilege to announce Blastgun’s debut title, Arcadian Gates by sci-fi/horror author T. A. Wardrope.

I’ve known Todd Wardrope (I know him as Todd) for years now.  I first caught wind of Arcadian Gates nearly ten years ago when we were MFA students at Hamline University.  I think you could say we were of the same cohort, or whatever those things are called.  Everybody sort of shuffled through that program at his or her own pace, but Todd and I had a number of classes together, most notably an Advance Fiction course where I had the opportunity to read some early drafts of a few chapters from Arcadian Gates.

Even back then–younger and more clueless than I am even now–I knew Todd was the real deal.  I remember respecting him and his work immediately because he so boldly and unabashedly embraced Sci-Fi, while making his way through a largely literary-minded program.  The thing is, he not only unabashedly embraced Sci-Fi, he’s been a committed student of the genre as long as I’ve known him, and I’d say he’s a true scholar of all things that are beastly and alien and other things that are a little freaky and mechanized … Not to mention he just has what we’ve come to call “literary chops.”

Visit The Tulgey Maze to catch up on the many creative endeavors of T. A. Wardrope (Photo: Cole Sarar)
Visit The Tulgey Maze to catch up on the many creative endeavors of T. A. Wardrope (Photo: Cole Sarar)

Todd shares my love for giant, strange beasts as well, but he’s also my go-to official for any Monster of Film, which is coming in handy of late with the recent resurgence of the much-dreaded (and loved) Kaiju works, both in fiction and on the big screen.  Essentially, if Todd is down with something, I know I will be too.  He’s a pop-culture barometer and one of the most astute book and film reviewers I know.  In addition to all of this, he’s an accomplished horror filmmaker and a regular columnist for a number of publications.  In my mind, he’s one of those creative-types who has been firing on all cylinders for quite a long time, so I was completely surprised and truly overjoyed that Arcadian Gates was still open for publication.  Personally, I’m just so grateful he agreed to have Blastgun do what it can to help him achieve his personal artistic goals for the work.

The amazing cover was designed by Jennifer Cain, while the gorgeous background art was done by Andrea García.  Together these creative folks put together the entire package.  Blastgun merely said, you folks done good.  Really good.  And it’s my hope that Blastgun’s stamp of approval will honor Todd’s vision and help bring a few more readers to Arcadian Gates so they can see just how goddamn good it really is.

Arcadian Gates’ jacket copy follows:

Only ten years ago, the entire nation was struck by a chemical weapon which destroyed most people’s memories. Akiry, a young woman who makes her way smuggling amongst the lower caste of the rebuilt country, is haunted by dreams of a daughter she otherwise does not remember.

As civil war erupts in the city around her, she takes the last chance she has to find the truth about her daughter and her past.